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Gastronomy Laboratory. This is a place created for fans of cooking and good food. Our world-class mentors in online courses and free materials will reveal the secrets of cuisines from around the world to you. They will show you step by step how to prepare the perfect dinner, exquisite dinner and breathtaking dessert. Choose your mentor and check what we cooked for you!

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Our mentors

The best in Poland work in the kitchen of Gastro Lab. Choose a mentor from whom
you want to learn and jump to the highest culinary level!

Karol Nizio
Karol Nizio is the co-owner of “Dwór Sanna”, one of the best Polish vineyards. Currently, the area of the vineyard is almost 8 hectares, and its area is growing by new plantings every year.

The first strains planted in 2012 were Regent and Solaris. Currently, Dwór Sanna wines are also made from seyval blanc, muscaris, johanniter and riesling grapes, from which natural still, sparkling wines and pét-nats are produced.

The wines of Dwór Sanna are appreciated by connoisseurs, sommeliers and awarded in international competitions – in 2015 Solaris wine won the Gold Medal in the International Galicja Vitis Competition, and Johanniter in 2016 received the Golden Cork in Poznań. Everyday work in the vineyard is an exclusively family activity, we turn all our energy and commitment into the best wine

The wines at Dwór Sanna are produced in harmony with nature, which is why they are referred to as biodynamic wines.
Michał Korkosz “Delightful”
Michał Korkosz is one of the greatest talents of the Polish culinary scene in recent years. An icon of Polish vegetarian cuisine. Author of the world bestseller “Fresh from Poland: New Vegetarian Cooking from the Old Country”. Winner of two prestigious international SAVEUR awards.
Piotr Pietras Master Sommelier
Piotr Pietras is one of the most recognized and qualified sommeliers in the world. Until recently, as director of wine manager at London’s HIDE – managed a team of 18 sommeliers and the largest wine list in the UK.

He collaborated, among others, with world-famous Gordon Ramsay, Richard Corrigan and Tim Allen.

Piotr won the title of Polish Sommelier Champion 2015 and 2016, European Sommelier Vice-Champion 2017, Best Young Sommelier in the World 2017 or

6th World Sommelier 2019.

In 2017, he also became one of two Poles with the title of Master Sommelier, while winning the prestigious “Amorim Taster of the Year” award for the highest result in a blind tasting.

He is a judge at international wine competitions: Decanter World Wine Awards and International Wine & Spirit Competiton and a lecturer at the prestigious Court of Master Sommeliers.
Łukasz Gąsiński, MrFit – Trainer
Łukasz Gąsiński – known on the web as MrFit-trainer. One of the leading personal trainers in Warsaw, lover of sport and healthy cuisine. On his social media channels and in breakfast programs, he popularizes healthy eating and activity – however, he gained the greatest recognition thanks to Uktor’s recipes for healthy cakes and desserts. One of the pioneers in the subject of fit recipes on the Polish Internet, organizer of training and culinary workshops. His healthy desserts have become a permanent item on the menu of one of the largest caterers in Poland and reach several thousand recipients every day.
Andrzej Andrzejczak Dr. Meat – Chef
Andrzej Andrzejczak, known as Dr Meat, is one of the most colorful figures on the Polish gastro scene. Chef with nearly 20 years of experience. He became famous for the first time when he prepared a dinner at the Royal Castle in Warsaw for Barack Obama himself. Apparently, there was even a haul 😉 Andrzej has been rediscovering and redefining Polish street food for years. He is also a restaurateur who builds from scratch and manages new culinary concepts. It serves the best beef in Poland everywhere. He has already fed hundreds of thousands of people and trained hundreds of home and professional cooks.

Together with Jerzy Sobieniak, he runs two culinary programs created by Canal + “M jak Mięso” and “Zgrillowani”.

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