Online Training – “The Art of Real Meat”


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For whom is this

For home chefs
For cooking lovers who want to learn the secrets of preparing perfect meats
For beef and steak lovers
For catering workers who want to learn under the guidance of the Master
For barbecue lovers
For people who are fed up with dried meat
For those who want to delight their guests at every party

What do you get for this price?

Certificate of training completion with one of the best chefs in Poland
Access to 4 hours of materials recorded in the highest quality
Access to the course for 12 months from its launch
46 video lessons
30 recipes

What do you gain after completing this training?

You will learn the basics of cooking
You will learn how to prepare restaurant dishes at home
You will learn 30 recipes for main dishes and starters
You will learn how to handle meat
You will learn how to prepare perfect steaks and burgers
You will learn recipes for quick and delightful additions
You will prepare homemade pickles
You will learn tricks that will make your dishes unique
Access to dozens of hours of video materials in the highest quality

Meet our host

Andrzej Andrzejczak Dr. Meat – Chef

Andrzej Andrzejczak, known as Dr Meat, is one of the most colorful figures on the Polish gastro scene. Chef with nearly 20 years of experience. He became famous for the first time when he prepared a dinner at the Royal Castle in Warsaw for Barack Obama himself. Apparently, there was even a haul 😉 Andrzej has been rediscovering and redefining Polish street food for years. He is also a restaurateur who builds from scratch and manages new culinary concepts. It serves the best beef in Poland everywhere. He has already fed hundreds of thousands of people and trained hundreds of home and professional cooks.

Together with Jerzy Sobieniak, he runs two culinary programs created by Canal + “M jak Mięso” and “Zgrillowani”.

List of lessons.

MODULE I Introduction

1. Who am I?
2. How to navigate the course?
3. Why meat can be art
4. Facts and myths about meat
5. Tips that will save your life in the kitchen

Module II - Disenchant the beef

1. Beef in Poland and in the world
2. How to pick a good steak item
3. Types of cuts
4. Meat that won't ruin our budget
5. Seasoning of beef - what is this process all about

Module III - Time for steaks!

1. Rib Eye for a good start to every day
2. Tomahawk throw
3. Queen sirloin
4. Rump... pam pam
5. Roast roast beef

Module IV Your potato friend

1. What accompaniments go well with steaks?
2. Hasselback potatoes
3. Gratin Dauphinois - potato casserole
4. Potato puffs

Module V Pickles and Pickles

1. Classic home "crocodiles"
2. Pickled radishes with bison grass
3. Pickled carrots with lovage
4. Pickled Brussels sprouts
5. Pickled Cauliflower
6. Pickled kale

Module VI Sauces

1. Homemade BBQ
2. Spicy mayos
3. Lemon aioli
4. Jus - meat sauce

Module VII Street kitchen

1. Streetfood foundations
2. Homemade burger
3. Porchetta
4. Pulled Pork
5. fajitas

Module VIII Surf'n'Turf

1. Meat with seafood… does it fit?
2. Gumbo - Louisiana soup with shellfish and beef
3. Shrimp burger
4. Roast beef with octopus

Module IX - Tips

1. How to marinate meat?
2. Meat storage
3. dry chicken? Not with us
4. Cutlet like mom's. A new version of pork

Module X - Grand Finale

1. Finger Foods - meat snacks
2. Zero Waste - cook dinner with what you have left over
3. Wellington
4. Thanks

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