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For whom is this

For vegetarians who want to learn how to create dishes of the highest quality
For budding chefs
For people who want to learn the secrets of vegetarian cuisine
For people who value time. You will learn to prepare delicious dishes without wasting the whole day standing in the kitchen
For lovers of good food who want to learn how to combine flavors in a non-standard way
For those who want to delight their guests at every party

What do you get for this price?

Access to over 4 hours of content
Access to the course for 12 months
32 video lessons
Certificate confirming the completion of the training

What do you gain after completing this training?

Knowledge of the foundations of cooking and combining flavors
The ability to successfully experiment and have fun in the kitchen
Freedom in vegetarian cuisine
Mastery of dozens of dishes for every occasion
You will learn to prepare breathtaking breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts
You will learn how to combine products and create variations of well-known dishes
You will learn to optimize your work and time spent in the kitchen
You will learn tricks that will make your dishes unique
Access to dozens of hours of video materials in the highest quality

Meet our host

Michał Korkosz “Delightful”

An icon of Polish vegetarian cuisine. Author of a world bestseller and winner of international culinary awards.

At first he just ate. Then he fell in love with butter, among others thanks to his mother’s cookbooks. His friends called him delightful, because Michał’s cooking is carelessly delicious. Deliciously delicious.

Its shelf is decorated with two “culinary Oscars”, i.e. the prestigious SAVEUR awards for culinary photography. His debut cookbook “Fresh from Poland: New Vegetarian Cooking from the Old Country” was recognized by “Booklist” and “San Francisco Chronicle” as one of the best culinary books of 2020. The Polish version of “Fresh from Poland” is an absolute bestseller. A hit on the shelves of the largest bookstores in Poland.

Michał Korkosz is one of the greatest talents of the Polish culinary scene in recent years. He is a columnist for Przekrój and Vogue Polska magazine. His blog is one of the most popular culinary blogs in the country.

List of lessons.

Module I - Introduction

1. Who am I
2. What will you learn during the training
What is the structure of the training?
3. Why vegetarian cuisine?
4. The foundations of flavor building!
Things to remember when cooking
5. Before you start
Learn some tricks that will save your life in the kitchen
6. What is cooking by recipes.

Module II - Prepcooking: cooking in advance

1. Breakfast for a good start to the week
Overnight porridge with chia and guarana. Hot or cold
2. Dinner without fuss - Spread the preparation in time
Baked lentil dahl with sweet potato in miso glaze
3. Dessert for almost the whole week
Fruit caramel with labneh, honey, olive oil and sea salt
4. Tips knowledge
How to store food to keep it fresh for as long as possible. Which dishes taste better the next day? Cooking from "leftovers" - inspirations.

Module III - Vegetable is the heart of the plate

1. Seasonality and the way of thinking about vegetables
Delightful will tell you how he composes dishes, guided by the season, and will also reveal how to think about vegetables in vegetarian cuisine to make them even more exciting.
2. Pumpkin in the lead role
Hasselback pumpkin with honey glaze and crispy sage
3. Cabbage has never been sexier
Roasted cabbage in tomato sauce with harissa, rose, and pistachios
4. New beets
Baked beets with fried shallots on sour cream

Module IV - Pasta day

1. Why pasta is man's best friend. Inspirations
2. Vegetable pasta
Zucchini pasta with chili flavored olive oil and crispy chickpeas
3. Lemon pasta with crispy parmesan cheese
4. Fried Chinese chow mein noodles with crispy vegetables

Module V - Delightful express

1. Before you start cooking on time...
2. Lunch in 15 minutes
Oyster mushrooms in Kung Pao sauce
3. Dinner in 15 minutes
Couscous with roasted cherry tomatoes, parsley, avocado, and burrata
4. Dessert in 30 minutes
Leafy tarts with caramelized banana and peanut butter sauce

Module VI - Vegetable Feast

1. Aperitive!
Marinated goat cheese in lemon and rosemary
2. Light vegetable dishes - the best side dishes
Crispy eggplant with honey, thyme and feta cheese
3. A dinner that will delight everyone
Roasted cauliflower with fried chanterelles and rye crumble
4. The iron rules of a successful dinner (or how not to go crazy)

Module VII - Comfort - cooking that soothes

1. Weekend breakfast
Plums with cinnamon under corn flakes crumble
2. Dinner after a killer week
Korean Fried Tofu
3. Dumplings project - dream cake
Dumplings with spinach, goat cheese and fried almonds.
4. Tips knowledge

Module VIII - Summary

1. Training summary
2. Thanks

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