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For whom is this

For people who want to learn everything about wine
For beginners who are just entering the world of wine
For intermediates who need to organize their knowledge
For those who want to learn how to distinguish strains and types of wine
For lovers of good food who want to learn how to pair wine with meals
For chefs and restaurant owners
For enthusiasts who want to learn the art of tasting
For collectors dreaming of creating their own cellar
For people who grow vines or plan to start their own vineyard

What do you get for this price?

Access to 7 hours of video materials in the highest quality
Access to the course for 12 months
72 video lessons
Participation in two LIVE meetings with Piotr Pietras and Karol Nizio
Certificate confirming the completion of the training

What do you gain after completing this training?

You will get to know the most important strains and learn to distinguish them
You will understand the difference between white and red wine
You will learn the art of serving and tasting wine
You will learn what to look for when buying wine, also in discount stores
You will learn to pair wine with meals
You will learn how wine is made and how to create your own vineyard
You will get to know the most wine regions of the world
You will create a home cellar that everyone will envy you
Access to dozens of hours of video materials in the highest quality

Meet our instructors.

Piotr Pietras Master Sommelier

Piotr Pietras is one of the most recognized and qualified sommeliers in the world. Until recently, as director of wine manager at London’s HIDE – managed a team of 18 sommeliers and the largest wine list in the UK.

He collaborated, among others, with world-famous Gordon Ramsay, Richard Corrigan and Tim Allen.
Piotr won the title of Polish Sommelier Champion 2015 and 2016, European Sommelier Vice-Champion 2017, Best Young Sommelier in the World 2017 or 6th Sommelier of the World 2019.

In 2017, he also became one of two Poles with the title of Master Sommelier, winning the prestigious “Amorim Taster of the Year” award for the highest score in blind tasting. He is a judge at international wine competitions: Decanter World Wine Awards and International Wine & Spirit Competiton, and a lecturer at the prestigious Court of Master Sommeliers.

Karol Nizio

Karol Nizio is the co-owner of “Dwór Sanna”, one of the best Polish vineyards. Currently, the area of the vineyard is almost 8 hectares, and its area is growing by new plantings every year.

The first strains planted in 2012 were Regent and Solaris. Currently, Dwór Sanna wines are also made from seyval blanc, muscaris, johanniter and riesling grapes, from which natural still, sparkling wines and pét-nats are produced.

The wines of Dwór Sanna are appreciated by connoisseurs, sommeliers and awarded in international competitions – in 2015 Solaris wine won the Gold Medal in the International Galicja Vitis Competition, and Johanniter in 2016 received the Golden Cork in Poznań.

Everyday work in the vineyard is an exclusively family activity, we turn all our energy and commitment into the best wine
The wines at Dwór Sanna are produced in harmony with nature, which is why they are referred to as biodynamic wines.

List of lessons.

MODULE I Introduction

1. Who we are
2. What will you learn during the training + what is its structure
3. Why Wine?
4. Why Vinnitsa
5. Glossary

Module II Wine Knowledge

1. History
2. Geography - Europe
3. Geography - World - World
4. Geography - Poland
5. How to buy wine - what to pay attention to

Module III Wine service

1. Before you start
2. Serving Temperature
3. Opening still wine
4. Decanting
5. Opening sparkling wine
6. How to talk about wine

Module IV - Vineyard

1. terror
2. Vine
3. Vineyard hazards
4. Grape
5. Set
6. Organic and biodynamic cultivation

Module V - How wine is made

1. What affects the taste of wine
2. Fermentation, maceration, maturation of wine
3. How is white wine made?
4. Why is wine orange?
5. How is rosé wine made?
6. And how is red wine made?
7. How are sparkling wines made?
8. Filtering and clarification, or about vegan wines

Module VI - Tasting, or how to drink?

1. Where to start, or what senses do we use?
2. How to rate wines? Parker, Robinson and other scales
3. Eye
4. Nose
5. Mouth
6. Years and aging potential
7. A cork or a nut

Module VII - Italy

1. History
2. Regions - Piedmont
3. Regions - Veneto
4. Regions - Tuscany
5. Other regions of Italy

Module VIII - France

1. History
2. Regions - Champagne
3. Alsace
4. Regions - Burgundy
5. Regions - Bordeaux
6. Loire Valley
7. Rhône Valley
8. Other regions of France

Module IX - Spain

1. History
2. La Rioja
3. Castile and Leon
4. Catalonia

Module X - New World

1. Australia and New Zealand
2. USA
3. South America
4. South Africa

Module X - Europe

1. Portugal
2. Germany
3. Austria

Module XI New World

1. USA
2. South America
3. South Africa
4. Australia
5. New Zealand

Module XII - Poland

1. Traditions
2. Regions/most famous Polish vineyards
3. strains

Module XIII Wine and food

1. How do you pair wine with a meal?
2. A wine for fish and seafood
3. The best meat wine
4. Wine for vegan and vegetarian cuisine
5. Cheese is every winemaker's best friend
6. Does the wine match the dessert?

Module XIV

1. Summary and thanks

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