Fit Sweets – Basic course

Basic course

What does it mean? We are so confident that this training will provide you with immense value that we offer you 100% security. If you decide within 7 days of purchase that the training did not give you anything, we will refund you all your money. It's that simple. We play fair.

For whom is this

For all those who love sweets but are afraid of gaining weight
For people who are losing weight
For fans of almost all types of diets
For baking lovers who want to prepare fit versions of their favorite cakes
For everyone who wants to reduce sugar consumption
For people planning to develop their own fit-confectionery business
For diabetics, people with insulin resistance and gluten intolerance

What do you get for this price?

Access to 2 hours of materials recorded in the highest quality
Access to the Recording of the LIVE Training "Sweets Without Sugar"
Certificate confirming the completion of the course
Lifetime access

What do you gain after completing this training?

You will learn 8 recipes for cakes and desserts that are not fattening
You will learn how to prepare healthy sweet breakfasts
You will learn to replace sugar, flour and butter with their healthy counterparts
You will learn recipes for preparing biscuit bases and tarts
You will learn how to prepare healthy masses and toppings
You will learn the techniques and tricks that made MrFit the best "healthy confectioner" in Poland

Meet our host

Łukasz Gąsiński, MrFit – Trainer

Łukasz Gąsiński – known on the web as MrFit-trainer. One of the leading personal trainers in Warsaw, lover of sport and healthy cuisine. On his social media channels and in breakfast programs, he popularizes healthy eating and activity – however, the greatest recognition brought him his original recipes for healthy cakes and desserts. One of the pioneers in the subject of fit recipes on the Polish Internet, organizer of training and culinary workshops. His healthy desserts have become a permanent item on the menu of one of the largest caterers in Poland and reach several thousand recipients every day.

List of lessons.

1. Who am I?
2. Healthy baking - what is it?
3. Healthy bottoms for tarts/cakes/cheesecakes
4. The perfect dark chocolate topping
5. Breakfast - Oatmeal with banana
6. Vegetable Pie - Brownie with chickpeas
7. Vegetable Cake - Gingerbread with beans
8. Tart without baking - Fit pretzel tart
9. Gluten-free muffins
10. Fit New York Cheesecake

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Do you want to learn how to prepare healthy cakes and desserts? This is what your diet will look like! .

Buy access

PLN 129
PLN 19