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Fit Lab
Online Training – Fit Sweets
Desserts and cakes without sacrifices.
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Łukasz Gąsiński, MrFit – Trainer
Łukasz Gąsiński – known on the web as MrFit-trainer. One of the leading personal trainers in Warsaw, lover of sport and healthy cuisine. On his social media channels and in breakfast programs, he popularizes healthy eating and activity – however, he gained the greatest recognition thanks to Uktor’s recipes for healthy cakes and desserts. One of the pioneers in the subject of fit recipes on the Polish Internet, organizer of training and culinary workshops. His healthy desserts have become a permanent item on the menu of one of the largest caterers in Poland and reach several thousand recipients every day.
dr Hanna Stolińska, clinical dietitian
Author of the System for Combating Obesity in Children and Youth.

Hanna Stolińska PhD in health sciences, clinical nutritionist. For seven years she worked at the Institute of Food and Nutrition. One of her specialties is the treatment of obesity in children. It helps people with the problem of overweight and obesity, suffering from diet-related diseases and those on alternative diets (especially plant-based diets). She has already helped thousands of patients from all over Poland.

He also conducts trainings for dieticians and doctors, as well as lectures for parents and the elderly. It cooperates with the National Health Program and in the implementation of social campaigns. Author of scientific and popular science articles and books on nutrition, including “Love Vegan”, “Eat Healthier”, “Irritable Bowel. Diet therapy”, “Insulin resistance. Diet treatment”, “Healthy joints. Diet therapy”, “Eat green”, “Lyric food”, “Diet in the treatment of osteoporosis”, “Endometriosis. Treatment with diet”,,, Guy’s diet. Men’s health from the kitchen.

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