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DevLab is a place where you can develop your programming skills. Our mentors are the best of the best. Programmers cooperating with global brands and responsible for the largest projects implemented in Poland. Thanks to DevLab courses, you can learn programming completely from scratch, step by step overcoming the next levels of professional development. It is a space both for those who want to become programmers and for people who will want to use the acquired skills in the development of their own business.

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Dev Lab
Online Training – Become a Java Developer and create your first application
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Our mentors

The best in Poland work in Dev Lab. Choose a mentor you want to learn from.

Andrzej Jaromin Mentor Java Developer
Andrzej Jaromin has been programming for over 20 years.
Recently, he has been working completely remotely for clients from different countries, combining remote work with traveling to the most remote corners of the world. Andrzej is also one of the most recognized trainers in Poland. It supports novice programmers and people who want to re-industry and enter the IT industry. Over the last few years, he taught programming from scratch to several hundred people who today work for top brands.
Currently, he specializes in Java and Kotlin, although in his career he has learned new programming languages completely from scratch.

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