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What does it mean? We are so confident that this training will provide you with immense value that we offer you 100% security. If you decide within 7 days of purchase that the training did not give you anything, we will refund you all your money. It's that simple. We play fair.

For whom is this

For people who want to learn programming to get a new job
For people who want to quickly double their earnings
For those who want to work from anywhere in the world
For beginner programmers who want to master the basics of Java
For people who need a certificate of completion of training in programming
For people with analytical skills
For those who want to see if they can handle writing code
For people who want to create their first app

What do you get for this price?

Certificate of training completion with one of the best trainers in Poland
12 hours of video material
Access to the course for 12 months from its launch
12 video modules
You will create your own application
A chance to find a great job in IT
Ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world

What do you gain after completing this training?

You will learn programming in Java, the most popular language in the world
You will become extremely attractive on the labor market and double your earnings
You will create your own application for booking services (project as part of the course)
You will receive a certificate that opens the door to many IT companies
You will understand how to plan your career to earn over 10,000 a month. PLN per hand
You will learn how to work from anywhere in the world
You will learn the latest tools and frameworks that will give you an advantage over the competition
You will learn to create your own projects
Access to dozens of hours of video materials in the highest quality

Meet our host

Andrzej Jaromin Mentor Java Developer

Andrzej Jaromin has been programming for over 20 years.

Recently, he has been working completely remotely for clients from different countries, combining remote work with traveling to the most remote corners of the world. Andrzej is also one of the most recognized trainers in Poland. It supports novice programmers and people who want to re-industry and enter the IT industry. Over the last few years, he taught programming from scratch to several hundred people who today work for top brands.

Currently, he specializes in Java and Kotlin, although in his career he has learned new programming languages completely from scratch.

List of lessons.

MODULE I Basic tools and theoretical introduction

1. Who am I?
2. What will you learn during the training?
3. How to navigate the course?
4. Structured and object-oriented programming
5. Byte code, compilers, interpreters
6. Installation of the IntelliJ IDEA environment

Module II Object-oriented programming

1. Inheritance
2. Interfaces
3. Abstract forests
4. Polymorphism
5. The Object class and its basic methods

Module III Java Collections

1. Letters
2. Harvest
3. Maps
4. Queues

Module IV Unit tests, mocks

1. Unit testing concept
2. JUnit library
3. Mockito Library
4. Dependency mocking exercises

Module V Streams and lambda expressions

1. Introduction to functional programming
2. Transforming operations
3. Stream flattening
4. Terminal operations, collectors
5. Streams of numeric types

Module VI Error Handling

1. Breakdown of exceptions into checked and unchecked
2. The try ... catch ... finally statement
3. Define your own exceptions
4. IntelliJ Debugger

Module VII Design patterns

1. Introduction of the enum
2. Introduction of generic types
3. singleton pattern
4. strategy pattern
5. builder pattern
6. factory pattern

Module VIII Introduction to Spring

1. Theoretical introduction
2. Defining beans with annotations
3. Defining beans using configuration classes
4. Spring events

Module IX Databases, SQL language

1. Theoretical introduction to relational databases
2. MySQL database installation
3. SQL language, DDL operations
4. SQL language, DML operations
5. Calling SQL from Java (JDBC)

Hibernate X module

1. A theoretical overview of object-relational mapping
2. Entity definition
3. Working with CrudRepository
4. Define named queries

XI REST API module

1. REST controllers
2. Using Postman
3. Using the CURL tool
4. A simple app to manage your equipment list

Module XII Final Project - An example application for reserving resources

The final project showing the combination of Java, Spring, Hibernate and REST API. You will independently build an application with the functionalities of the booking system - dates, products or services.

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