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What does it mean? We are so confident that this training will provide you with immense value that we offer you 100% security. If you decide within 7 days of purchase that the training did not give you anything, we will refund you all your money. It's that simple. We play fair.

For whom is this

For people whose dogs cause behavioral problems
For dog owners for whom every walk is a nightmare
For owners of puppies that destroy the apartment
For people who are preparing to buy or adopt a dog
For conscious carers who want to expand their knowledge
For people who focus on a good relationship and positive methods in raising a dog
For people who live in the system - prevention is better than cure - and want to avoid behavioral disorders
For people who are looking for comprehensive knowledge about building relationships, raising and training a four-legged friend
For people struggling with minor problems in dog behavior such as pulling on a leash, eating waste, not dealing with emotions, etc.
For people who want to understand and support their dog even better

What do you get as part of the academy ?

The total value is over PLN 4,000
Access to the online training "Life with a Dog Without Stress" (in the case of annual payment, immediate access)
Access to a closed Facebook group
Access to new, unpublished video materials
Twice a month premium mailing with tips on raising a dog
Contests with prizes
Discount codes for pet stores
Training completion certificate
The total value is over PLN 4,000

See an example lesson.

What do you gain after completing this training?

You will solve most behavioral problems with your dog
You will join the largest dog community in Poland and you will be able to count on support
You will teach your dog basic commands
You will teach your dog obedience at home and on walks
Most of all, you will make your dog happy!
You will become attractive to your dog
You will bring harmony to your life together
You will learn from the first days together at home to wisely shape your relationship with your dog
You will learn how to correctly read and interpret dog signals
You will get to know the dog's needs and learn how to meet them
You will avoid a number of complex and costly problems in dog behavior
You will learn training techniques and methods of safe play with your dog
You will learn to stimulate not only the dog's muscles, but also the mind
You will support your dog
Every month the latest portion of knowledge

Meet our instructors.

Krzysztof Tatar – dog trainer and behaviourist

Krzysztof is a dog trainer and behaviorist with over 30 years of experience. Winner of many championships in training and dog sports. Instructor of dog actors and models in theatre, film and photography. A long-term volunteer in shelters for homeless animals, specializing in complex cases such as aggression. Dog therapist in social therapy centers and prisons. In his practice, he has helped thousands of carers to understand their Dog Friends and find a common language. He learned (and still learns) from the best practitioners in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.

Izabela Oraczyńska-Tatar – dog trainer and behaviourist

Izabela Oraczyńska-Tatar is a dog trainer and behaviorist with many years of experience. She is responsible for running social media about cynology. Coordinator of many charity and commercial events for dog owners. In her professional practice, she focuses on clear human-dog communication and building a strong relationship based on trust. Hungry for knowledge, participant of many workshops and conferences, who willingly shares her knowledge.

List of lessons.


1. Who we are?
2. What will you learn during the course?
3. Life with a dog without stress, or what?
4. What will you gain after completing the training?


1. Who is the dog?
2. Dog breed groups and their characteristics and what this means for you
3. Homework for you
4. The most important question you should answer yourself
5. What to consider when choosing a dog


1. What should a dog house be like?
2. Space preparation
3. The first days - how to start a good adventure together
4. How to behave around a dog at home
5. house rules
6. How to say hello to a dog - how to do it with the head
7. A dog and a child - how to build a healthy relationship
8. The science of purity
9. Learning to be independent
10. Loneliness training
11. Overview of recommended tools and accessories
12. Overview of tools and accessories that are not recommended


1. What kind of guardian should you be for your dog?
2. Dog needs and how to meet them
3. What are the consequences of not meeting your dog's needs?
4. Communication, or how to get along with a dog
5. Exploring the world without stress
6. Rules and limits, or plan your life with your dog
7. Learning to rest and relax
8. How to support your dog in stressful situations


1. What builds a good relationship with a dog?
2. What weakens the relationship with the dog?
3. Respecting mental boundaries?
4. Building trust and a sense of security?


1. What is a dog walk for?
2. A walk and a garden
3. Elements of a good walk
4. The walk starts at home
5. Walking space
6. Passing dogs and people (no stress)
7. Why does the dog pull
8. Walking on a loose leash
9. Prevention of eating waste
10. Recommended walking tools
11. Walking tools are discouraged


1. How dogs learn. Become the best teacher of your dog
2. Motivation - what to do to make your dog want to cooperate with you
3. Why reward your dog and why it's important
4. Ways to reward your dog
5. Concentration - how to be attractive to the dog
6. Resignation - how to teach to let go without stress
7. Learning self-control in different variants
8. Basic skills - practice
9. Why is fun important?
10. How to play with a dog?
11. How not to play with your dog - the most common mistakes in play
12. Recommended games - mental and physical
13. Overview of toys and tools


1. The most important components of a dog's diet
2. Nutrition - which one to choose?
3. Poor diet and health and behavior disorders


1. Basic rules of care
2. Ear cleaning
3. Combing
4. Claw clipping
5. A visit to the groomer
6. A visit to the vet


1. Emotions of the guardian and the behavior of the dog
2. How to support yourself in difficult times?
3. I have a difficult dog - how to deal with social pressure?
4. What would your dog want to tell you?
5. How to enjoy your relationship with your dog?


1. Myths about raising and training a dog
2. How to use the knowledge from the course on a daily basis
3. 7 top tips
4. Thanks


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