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For whom is this

For guys with character
For men who want to find a mission in their lives
For guys who want to regain their joy
For men who have problems at work and can't get up
For men after painful breakups or in complicated relationships
For men who are fed up with stagnation in life and want to start taking on new challenges
For guys who want to lose weight and switch to a healthy lifestyle
For men who are overwhelmed by everyday life and do not know how to break out of stagnation
For every man who, regardless of the circumstances, wants to be a guy with character

What do you get for this price?

The value of the entire package is PLN 2,900
Access to 4 hours of materials recorded in the highest quality
Access to the academy for 12 months from its launch
Over 40 video lessons
Bonus materials
Premium mailing once a month
New videos every month
The value of the entire package is PLN 2,900!

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What is a guy with character about

What do you gain after completing this training?

You will regain your confidence
You will become a real Guy with Character
You will understand the mechanisms that limit you, come to terms with them and learn to fight your demons
You will learn to turn failures into victories
You will be a conscious guy who will stop at nothing
You will get rid of your weaknesses
You will regain the joy of life, from which you will draw full handfuls
You will know how to achieve your goals. In life, business and love

Meet our instructors.

Jimmy Naraine – Entrepreneur

Jimmy Naraine provides training for Fortune 500 corporations around the world, including Chemours and Westpac. He has visited 78 countries, presenting at hundreds of prestigious events such as Afest, Mindvalley, Digitalk and Nomadsba. Jimmy is also an entrepreneur, author of Mindvalley, and a Udemy partner with nearly 500,000 students in 190 countries and 69,000 official 5/5 reviews. Its best-selling courses have received numerous mentions in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, FoxNews, TRT World, El Economista, Gulf Today, and Business Insider. Jimmy previously worked for companies such as Allianz and Goldman Sachs. However, what really sets Jimmy apart is his adventurous spirit. He is a multilingual traveler who has been traveling non-stop for 10 years, trying different unique experiences, from Muay Thai training in Thailand, to exploring the jungle in Colombia, surfing in Bali, to climbing the Himalayas.

Jarosław Bieniecki – Creator of Runmageddon

Creator of Runmageddon, the largest series of amateur sports events in Poland, and co-founder of Bieg Rzeźnika; earlier, among others Sports Director of the Warsaw Marathon and manager or consultant in five corporations.
Author of the book “Runmageddon, or take more from life”. Inspirational speaker. An avid sportsman – he won medals in the Polish Championships in long-distance running, won the Butcher’s Run twice, Runmageddon once, and the Polish 40+ Championships in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu once; he also fought in the MMA formula and in boxing. Fascinated by athletics, MMA and international relations. Father of three kids.

List of lessons.


1. Meet our hosts and find out who the Guy with Character is
2. Are we facing a masculinity crisis?

Section Z1: UNDERSTAND Who You Really Are.

Get to know each other again and take responsibility for your life
1. Go to the module
2. Responsibility - why without it you will never be a guy with character?
3. How to understand yourself?
4. Build the muscle of self-awareness and get out of the Matrix
5. Fifth - don't cheat! Meet and kill your inner demons
6. Get started today and build tremendous self-confidence
7. How not to waste your life?
8. Tame your dark side before you become its slave

Section Z2: THINK, what kind of reality do you want to build?

You decide. design. build. live.
1. Introduction to the module
2. Why is life without dreams meaningless?
3. An exercise that will make it 10 times easier for you to create a better reality
4. That's why I quit my career at the world's largest investment bank
5. How to create an accurate vision of your new life step by step
6. Be bulletproof!
7. Be careful! These traps lie in wait for men. How not to fall into it?
8. Why don't you set goals?


Use proven strategies and self-development techniques to become a Guy with Character
1. Introduction to the section
2. Fear is your friend, not your enemy! I've been beaten... and that's good!
3. Don't be afraid of failures. You'll never win without them.
4. How to build self-confidence here and now
5. How to become a leader?
6. Diplomatic assertiveness is sexy. What's that?
7. A winner's identity - build it and learn to nurture it.
8. Use your knowledge of body language to go further in life and business
9. Start controlling extreme emotions and feel comfortable in your body
10. This thought experiment changed my life...
11. Mental toughness
12. Why it's worth being dangerous

Section Z4: GET STARTED and don't give up

Kill procrastination here and now. Don't wait. Don't delay. Live like a commando!
1. Introduction to the section
2. Why most people's opinions don't make sense and mean nothing
3. Why we almost missed Runmageddon during Covid and what I've learned
4. How to kill procrastination and act like a commando in life
5. How Jimmy started his international business even though no one believed in him.
6. Thanks

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He took part in the ventures of Jarek and Jimmy already close
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W. Scotchdople – reżyser, zdobywca Oskara

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